About Zoran Miling

Professional Career

Born and raised in Cleveland, Zoran Miling has a half-decades experience in commercial real estate and institutional investment research.  In his current role, Zoran sources and analyzes new multifamily real estate opportunities for a Cleveland-based apartment owner and operator.  Zoran supports all transactional activities related to the firm's portfolio, including acquisition, disposition, capital markets and investor relations. 

Zoran graduated with a degree in Finance from John Carroll University in University Heights, OH.  He currently resides in Shaker Heights, OH with his wife and two young children. 

Personal Real Estate Portfolio

Zoran Miling has personally acquired and renovated over $1.3 million of real estate over the last 18 months, including several "fix-and-flips." With a focus on value-add redevelopment, Zoran owns and manages a modest student housing portfolio located in close proximity to John Carroll University, his alma mater.

Why This Blog?

I have no formal education in real estate.  I haven't taken a college-level class on real estate modeling, architecture, real estate law, affordable housing economics, real estate capital markets, REIT analysis - really, not a single class on anything remotely related to real estate.  I wish I had, but it's just not in the cards right now.  Instead, my education was purely baptism by fire.  That, and conversations on related topics with anyone in the industry who was willing to meet me for breakfast or lunch. 


This blog is an extension of those conversions; a recording of my discussions with those individuals who've shaped the commercial real estate landscape and are willing to share their experiences with the community. This is my Masters in Commercial Real Estate.  

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